On giftedness

Below is the link to an important article; important because it engages with the complexity of giftedness and prodigiousness: its origins and potential to actualise given multiple settings.
Based on experience (albeit anecdotal) I can attest to inter alia the importance of factors/expressions such as autodidactism, working memory, early exposure and interest and acceptance shown by adults, play and flow, and even brain size ( the latter confirmed by a paediatrician I worked with in the late 90s).
What I have noticed as well is that there is an unfortunate ‘democratising’ narrative that stops adults from giving children the support they need in the forms they most need it, and that would make the difference between them ‘becoming’ a gifted adult and becoming a so-called deviant.
When I stop doing the work that I do now, which largely focuses on expanding access to basic education rights for most people, I think I will return to this question of how to provide enabling environments for gifted or even prodigious children and adults .
One thing that is very important to note is that high-end education systems and institutions often work in ways that mitigate the power their resources provide to facilitate giftedness as their goals are linked to economic development as narrowly prescribed. The excellent school my sons attend, for example , is determined to raise captains of industry, this despite the evidence that most MDs have IQs below the gifted threshold.
I could write more but I have to get back to my work now . But I wanted to highlight this important topic and the critical issues surrounding it.

Gladwell’s practice theory is only partly right. A host of things must line up for the would-be prodigy to thrive

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