w(r) = -b(UpV): no one wants to know what you’re wearing

while trawling the newsfeed news a few weeks ago, i came upon some blogging advice.. best was when i read:

no one wants to know what you’re wearing

if you’re going to write, write what you think

have an opinion

preferably an original one, but if lacking, then at least capture the essence of thought (i imagine she meant: contemporary and useful, but i favour even arcane and, for the majority, useless)

being a compulsive thinker who sometimes sends her thoughts  to a dinner table or a poem, even a receptive inbox now and then (words after all are the best seducers), i am riddled with opinions

as age (and graciousness?) increase, i present these sharings as wise and witty, urbane and even droll

i strip my words ..good writing (like righting) is bare and sparse with judgement

re-reading the blogging advice (in pjs of course) i’m delighted that i never remember what i’m wearing when i’m thinking, or speaking or writing ..perhaps, i tell myself, this means i might write (and be read) after all

so if this is writing (and righting) for me (today at least):

being lost to the self-consciousness of the body or at least reinventing it (if the body has to be a topic!) into a unique bearer of potential value

alternatively, w(r) = -b(UpV)

will you read me when i write?

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